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About the VFW

In 1899, a Post began in Denver, Colorado. There are two other Posts which claim to be the first, but the VFW national organization recognizes the Denver Post as being first; it is now officially “VFW Post 1, John S. Stewart Post”.

The VFW name was created on September 17, 1914 at a conference at the Schenley Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The new organization was a merger of two prior veterans’ organizations, both beginning in 1899: the American Veterans of Foreign Service and the National Society of the Army of the Philippines. The former was formed for veterans of the Spanish–American War, while the latter was formed for veterans of the Philippine–American War.

On May 28, 1936, by an act of the United States Congress, the VFW became a government-chartered non-profit organization. As such, it receives no funding from United States tax receipts and is supported by charitable donations.

About Ralph Huff Post 1062

Ralph Huff Post 1062, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, received the National Charter on August 6, 1923.

The Post was named after a WWI doughboy, Ralph Huff, where they moved to the present location, 1581 Main St, Cuyahoga Falls, into the Huff home. The Huff Post is the 2nd largest (in membership) in Summit County, and the 3rd largest Post in the District 8 (comprising 4 counties in Ohio, Summit, Portage, Mahoning and Trumbull). Mergers with smaller Posts, from around the area over the years, increased our membership to over 300 members from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other actions around the world. Our Auxiliary members comprise another 100 members.